Ladies Golf Association

New Orleans
The Timberlane Ladies Golf Association would like to encourage all women to come out and play golf with us. The purpose of our organization is to promote friendly competition and fellowship among lady golfers at Timberlane Country Club.

Currently, ladies league play is every Tuesday morning at 8:45am. Everyone is invited to stay for lunch after the round.
We especially want to encourage new golfers to come out and join us. Our Club Professionals offer various lesson packages throughout the season for new golfers as well as ladies of all skill levels.
Our organized season runs from September through May with a year-end LGA Championship in the spring. We also offer summer play from June until the end of August. Social events include our annual Christmas party and end-of-summer play luncheon.

We hope you will consider joining our Association to help us promote ladies golf and to have fun. For more information, please contact Sandra Daigle at or e-mail her at


The Timberlane Ladies Golf Association is open to female members, regardless of handicap. The association provides members with the fun and challenge of golf tournaments and social outings. If you are interested in joining the LGA, please contact Sandra Daigle at

LGA Awards

LGA Championship
To be eligible for competition, players must be in good standing, have an established handicap, and pay required membership dues. The LGA Championship trophy is awarded to the golfer with the lowest gross at the end of the three-day tournament usually held in the spring.
Cost to participate is $5. Each player records her first round of the season on the ringer chart. Each time a player shoots a better score than she recorded for her first round for any given hole, it is changed. Scores may change throughout the season as a player improves and posts lower scores. All recorded rounds must be played on a Tuesday during the current season. At the end of the season, the most improved players in each class win the pot.
Birdie Tree
Cost is $3 per year. Those participants who have a birdie record it on the sheet in the Ladies Locker Room. All recorded shots must be played on a Tuesday during the current season. The pot is distributed at the end of the year based on the numbers recorded.
Hole In One Club
The Hole in One Club is open to all TCCLGA members. Simply sign up on the bulletin board in the Ladies Locker Room. Whenever an Ace is hit, it must be recorded by at least 2 participating golfers. Everyone in the Hole in One Club is charged a fee which is then paid out to the lucky golfer. A member must be enrolled in the Hole in One Club to collect the winnings.


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